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Understanding Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Many corporates have long demonstrated that logistics and supply chain management is a tool for competitive advantage. It will evolve as a top priority for CEOs across organisations. This workshop will enable participants to understand the breadth and depth of logistics and supply chain management. Participants will learn about smart logistics, what a supply chain is, how to align supply chain strategy with business strategy, the transactional relationship to digital supply chain collaboration, lean supply chain, Garner supply chain top 25 lists, supply chain vulnerability and building a resilient supply chain, sustainability in supply chain and smart supply chain. Using relevant examples and video, the course gives participants insights into the issues and topics facing the logistics and supply chain industry.

Key Topics 

What is Logistics? 

  • Logistics not new ideas
  • Seven Rs describing logistics
  • Defining logistics
  • Logistics costs
  • Smart logistics (Logistics 4.0)
  • Video 

Appreciating What a Supply Chain is and What It Does 

  • Everything around us got where it is today through supply chains
  • What the supply chain is all about
  • The supply chain of a cup of tea
  • Supply chain networks
  • Integrated supply chain concept
  • Case Study 

Supply Chain and Business Strategy

  • The importance of alignment
  • Case Study 

Supply Chain Collaboration

  • Transactional relationship
  • The new organisational paradigm
  • Collaboration in the supply chain
  • Digital supply chain collaboration
  • Case Study

Lean Supply Chain

  • Defining lean supply chain
  • Lean supply chain
  • Case study 

Supply Chain Top 25 Rankings 2019

  • Two main Components
  • Table: The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2019
  • Case Study
  • Video

Risks and Resilience in Supply Chain

  • Risks in global supply chains
  • Building a resilient supply chain
  • Case study
  • Video 

Sustainability in the Supply Chain

  • Sustainability: why it matters
  • Four cornerstones of a sustainable supply chain
  • Competitive advantage and sustainability
  • Case study
  • Video 

Smart Supply Chain

  • Case study
  • Video

Who Should Attend

Employees in the following positions/business areas will benefit from this course:

  • Logistics and supply chain executives and managers
  • Warehouse executives and managers
  • Order processing executives and managers
  • Shipping executives and managers
  • Product planning executives and managers
  • Import/Export executives and managers
  • 3PL and 4PL
  • Manufacturing
  • Freight forwarders
  • Distribution centre
  • Omnichannel
  • Distributors
  • E-commerce
LOCATION Venue in city to be confirmed
COST $398 nett per participant (inclusive of course materials, certificate of participation, buffet lunch, tea breaks & refreshments)
PAYMENT METHODS Cheque, bank transfer, PayNow Corporate or cash
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